Q:     Does the product affect play-ability?

A: With respect to feel, most players admit to not even noticing it. There is one seam that runs along the length of the fretboard on both sides however your fret hand slides with the grain of the seam leaving it virtually undetectable.

Q:     Are the materials actually inlaid?

A: Yes and no. If you choose to use pre-processed materials (ie. Black brushed steel, gold chrome etc.) the answer is yes and the materials will be inlaid into one another. If you choose a printed fretboard with printed designs the answer is no since everything will be printed as one piece. You can, however, have a printed fretboard and still choose to inlay it with a pre-processed material.

Q:     Is the fretboard damaged during the process?

A: Our meticulous attention to detail has allowed us to come up with a very clean and knife-free method of installation on all fretboards, zero damage will occur from the installation. We strive to treat each guitar neck as if it were our own.

Q:     Does this product affect the natural sound?

A: With four years of testing we are comfortable saying any affect in sound is completely unnoticeable. No testing on fretless instruments has been done.

Q:     How long does an order take to complete?

A: Purchases from our online shop

  • Pre-deigned guitar necks from our online shop are typically ready to ship within 2 weeks from being ordered.
  • Decals and similar items typically ship within 1 week from being ordered.

Personal guitar neck

  • Custom made orders when shipping in your personal guitar neck are completed as soon as possible to keep the players downtime at a minimum. We strive to have these necks shipped out within 1 week after arrival and will notify the customer if they can expect a longer wait via email.
  • Personal guitar necks are shipped in by the customer at his or hers own risk and expense.

CustomFrets will provide return shipping at no additional cost.

Replacement neck from CustomFrets.com

  • Custom made orders with a Custom Frets replacement guitar neck are typically completed and shipped within 2 weeks from being ordered.

Replacement neck from third party

  • Custom made orders with a third party guitar neck are typically completed and shipped within 2 weeks after arriving at our shop.
  • The consumer is responsible for the purchasing transaction and initial shipping of third party guitar necks.

Q:     I live outside the U.S. Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. However customer must be prepared to pay any additional fees.

Q:     I have my own designs including my bands logo. Can I use these designs instead of the ones on the website?

A: Custom designs are encouraged to truly get that one of a kind look. Send in your designs when you fill out the "Details Form" here.

Q:     Can you match the colors of my guitar?

A: To an extent. Without actually having the body of the guitar to compare and contrast to, matching colors exactly would be very difficult. Using specific descriptors like “dark ruby red” will usually be enough to get a close match.

Q:     Are the custom fretboards permanent?

A: The materials are meant to last for 5 years but can extend well beyond that range. If you wish to remove the material you can do so at any time with a little effort. The material will remove cleanly leaving little to no residue if done so within the 5 year range.

Q:     Will a custom fretboard fit my guitar?

A: Custom Frets has accommodated for many different scale lengths as well as fretboards made for extra strings. Common scale lengths include [ELECTRIC: 24.75", 25", 25.5" | BASS: 31", 34", 35"]. If your guitar has a unique scale length or an abnormal amount of extra strings, contact us and we'll be sure to let you know.

Q:     I have a solid body guitar, can I ship the entire guitar?

A: You may ship the entire guitar, however, all extra costs are assumed by the buyer. Take extra precaution when packaging a solid body guitar. A hard shell case is always a great start.

Q:     How long does the glow in the dark material stay bright?

A: The glow in the dark material at its peak brightness last about 20 minutes and continues with a moderate glow for another hour.