Customizing your fretboard with Custom Frets is the ultimate way to personalize your instrument using premium materials along with your own designs or designs from our library.custom-frets-diagram-1

A custom fretboard is simply a guitar neck wrapped in either a premium quality processed vinyl or a premium quality printable vinyl. The wrap covers the entire fretboard including the sides and if necessary, past the nut. While the material is designed to last many years, it is completely removable and will remove cleanly without too much effort.

You have the option of adding custom inlay using your choice of material(s) and designs/images. The designs or images can be solely from our library or you can send in your own. Custom designs are encouraged to truly make your fretboard one of a kind.custom-frets-diagram-2

The right combination of materials chosen will result in a perfectly smooth transition and have a true inlaid feel to it. Certain combination of materials may result in a difference of 0.003" or less in height leaving a slightly less inlaid feel to it. Don't forget the option to include side dot inlays!

A custom fretboard can range anywhere from a simple solid matte black fretboard to a more extensive black snake skin fretboard inlaid with blue chrome and gold brushed steel.


Opeth-Floral-02 Printed-Woodgrain-L-03 Chrome-Brushed-Steel-Squares-01 Chrome-Brushed-Steel-Squares-02 No-Wrap-Girl-01 Snake-Skin-Shark-Anchor-01